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Jon Leger Finally Disappoints With His Niche Jet Service

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Niche Jet disappointmentI guess it was only a matter of time. One of the very few online marketers in the internet marketing niche that I trust and used almost all of his products and services is Jon Leger.

For those of you that don’t know who Jon Leger is than he is the man behind:

  • The Best Spinner
  • Article Builder
  • Keyword Canine
  • AccurankTracker
  • Answer Analyst
  • Instant Article Factory
  • Instant Article Wizard
  • Jiffy Articles
  • Niche Horde
  • WebComp Analyst
  • Thrifty Content
  • And plenty more…

One of the main reasons I follow and use Jon’s products and services is that he is all about creating tools and providing services that are really needed in our business. The way he does it is very simple as he is an internet marketer himself and he is using his software development skills to create tools that will help him and thus will help pretty much everyone else.

His support is amazing and all his products and services are constantly being updated and tweaked in order to remain the best as we are in a very dynamic market that is constantly changing.

What I love most is Jon’s ability to take time consuming tasks and simplify them by creating very easy to use software tools that take time out of the equation making it very easy and very fast to complete those tasks.

I also love Jon’s sales pages. They are as simple as can be yet very powerful as they simply show you exactly what the tool does with a very clear video demonstration. The video is followed with some information about the tool and then it is filled with testimonials. There is no hype on his sales pages and his pricing is also very affordable as he usually goes for a yearly payment and also usually offers a week trial for a very low price.

Being on his email list is also all about getting value. He is very rarely promotes a product that isn’t his and by being on his email you usually get early access to new tools he is developing as he always adds user feedback into the process before he launches a product to the public.

With all that said, the latest service Jon launched seems like a big disappointment to me. The service is called Niche Jet.

What is Niche Jet all About?

Niche Jet is a 100% automated niche site building and SEO solution. It pretty much takes everything out of the equation of creating small niche websites.

For those of you that are new to the concept of building small niche websites than here is the gist of it:

  • Keyword research
  • WordPress setup
  • Content creation
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO (link building)

If you want to learn more about the concept of creating small niche website that you should check out Spencer from NichePursuits, Joe and Justin from EmpireFlippers and Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel.

When I got the email telling me about this new service I must say, I was pretty excited. As I mentioned before, I love Jon’s products and I was actually in the process of doing some keyword research trying to find a keyword to build a niche site around for the upcoming Niche Site Duel 2.0. I didn’t plan on using Jon’s service instead of doing the work myself, but I did think about using it to create another site alongside the one I will be doing manually as I figured it might turn out to be a great case study.

The price of $127 for all the work done for you also seemed pretty fair so I made my order and I guess I got a little confused as I didn’t really understood how I would pick the keyword that that they will build a site for. I thought I would get some information about the keywords I can pick (mainly search volume & CPC) but that wasn’t the case.

You get to choose a main category and than you can choose the keyword.

Well, that doesn’t work for me. Even though they said all the keywords are easy to rank for I want to know more before I decide. I want to know that the keyword I choose could actually end up making me money (either by monetizing the site with AdSense or Amazon or maybe flipping it).

So I needed to information about the keywords. I took close to 500 keywords from those that were available to pick using the great Scrape Similar Chrome extension and run them using Long Tail Pro to check for exact search volumes and CPC and the results are that only 24 keyword had more than 1,000 exact match monthly local searches and a CPC of over $1.

Only 3 keywords had more than 3000 exact match monthly local searches and I don’t think they apply in the easy to moderate ranking even though it would be interesting to see how a site they build can rank for these keywords. Problem is I only checked 500 out of 10,000 but you can understand that most of those keywords have very few searches.

So Why Am I Disappointed?

Up until now all is pretty much OK. I might not find the service worthwhile but others might. That was the case until Jon sent his last email saying that 55 sites are already ranking within a week and here is the breakdown of those rankings:

  • 3 #1 rankings
  • 9 top 5 rankings
  • 19 top 10 rankings
  • 41 top 20 rankings
  • 49 top 30 rankings
  • 51 top 40 rankings
  • 55 top 50 rankings

Impressive right?


You can’t really know if this is impressive or not. You need more information and at this point, mainly the search volumes and CPC for the keywords as that will tell you about the competition and about how profitable the sites can potentially be.

He also reveled 3 of the sites and their rankings for the target keyword. I took those 3 keywords together with the keyword used for the site shown on the sales page, put them into the Google Keyword Tool and this is what came up:


Do you think that ranking for a keyword that gets under 10 searches a month is worthwhile? Or for a keyword with 58 searches? Or 320 searches?

I personally don’t think so and the reason i’m disappointed is because I thought Jon would think the same but by using these keywords as proof that the service works it turns out he doesn’t.

It is not a big surprise that these keywords (the first 3) got first page rankings within a week (the rankings are #3, #3 and #6).

1000 searches sounds a lot better when compared to the other 3 keywords but I still don’t think such a keyword is worth your time and effort. With the case of backyard gardening it might because you can expand on that keyword and add more content and build a bigger site that gets traffic from other related keywords but I would still prefer that the main keyword would have more searches.

But that’s me.

All in all, seeing that Jon is proud that is service got a keyword that is getting less than 10 exact monthly searches a month to the 3rd spot in Google is not something I thought he would be proud of. Also, I was told by support that “Every KW has a minimum of 200 monthly exact match searches” and that is clearly not the case.

Just to Be Clear

I still trust Jon and I will still use his various services and follow his blog. He also didn’t made any false claims with Niche Jet since they don’t reveal any information about the keywords they will rank for you. They just say these keywords will be easy to moderate to rank for (according to Keyword Canine) and after seeing the keywords in question it make sense they will be able to do what they say.

If that means you will make your investment back is something else. It would highly depend on the keyword you choose and without having any information about those keywords it is pretty much a guessing game.

What do you think? Are these type of keywords worth your time and money?

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