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So What Are You Good At?

What Are You Good AtIt kills me that I simply can’t come up with a fast and honest answer to this question.

I’ve tried answering quite a few times over the past years but I never really came up with an answer that I was truly satisfied with.

If I did had such an answer,

I assume I would have stopped asking myself this question.

Makes sense, right?

Till this day I don’t have a real answer that I can be proud of.

An answer that would put a freaking SMILE on my face :).

I do have an answer for a different, and just as important (if not more) question.

What do you want out of life?

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Things Are Getting Serious

Getting SeriousIt’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything new but the good thing about it is that I’ve been quite busy doing other things that I didn’t really had the time to sit my ass down and write.

While I was blogging back in the day (not that long ago) on my previous blog the focus was on the blog and whatever I was doing I always knew I will probably write about it sooner or later.

It appears that it changed over the past few months as I’ve done plenty of things that would be great content and pretty valuable for others but I just didn’t have the blogger mindset anymore.

Apparently if you stop blogging for a while the mindset goes away.

Which is true for many other  things in life if you think about it.

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28 Lessons Learned Between the Penguins

google penguinOne the better SEO blogs that I read and follow is I know that most of you that know something about SEO get your alarms going off when you see that domain name but don’t let that fool you. The main problem most of you are going to have with the domain is the fact that it is written in Hebrew.

That is too bad as it really is one of the better blogs about SEO out there that provides true value based on real case studies and stuff that has been tested in the real world. Tal Prihar is the man behind the blog and he recently posted a really great article about 28 lessons he learned between the Penguin 1.0 and Penguin 2.0 updates.

During most of the time between the two Google Penguins I was travelling the world and took some time off from the work I was doing so I learned a lot from the lessons Tal shared. I know that many of you could find great value from the lessons he learned so I figured I will translate the post and share it with you all.

Translating sucks and time consuming so at some point I probably left some things out (cause i’m lazy that way) but I did make sure to get the main ideas through.

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It’s My Birthday.

32 B-Day small



Niagara Falls. Amazing Day. New York. Thailand. Koh Samui. Surprising my Brother and his kids. 3 weeks baby sitting. Scuba Diving Course. New Camera (NEX-7). Laos. Beers. Tubing. Amazing Views. 5 years without dad. Time flies. Vietnam. Hanoi. Beers. They don’t know how to drive here. Sapa. Halong Bay. Nah Trang. Beers. Bottle broken on my face. Stiches. Black eye. Week to recover. Dalat. Easyrider. Week on a motorbike. AMAZING. Saigon. They don’t know how to drive here. Cambodia. Temples. Pictures. Beers. Pictures. Beers. Too much poverty. Thailand. Chang Mai. Jeep trip. Koh Samui. New friends. Friends for life. Beers. Parties. Girls. Beach. Pool. Sun. Playing matkot. Koh Phangan. I can feel again. Beers. Mama Schnitzel. Parties. Beach. Sun. Matkot. Mama Schnitzel. Pictures. Beers. Parties. Mama Schnitzel. Koh Tau. Beers. Fire shows. Matkot. Koh Phi Phi. Beers. Parties. Matkot. Sun. Beach. Shark. Black tip. In the water. With me. AMAZING. Koh Lanta. Another Black tip Shark. Amazing place (picture was take there). Israel. Home. Tel Aviv. Apartment 1. Bars. Beers. Pizza. Girls. Apartment 2. Bars. Beers. Pizza. Girls. Beers. Bars. Pizza. Girls. Apartment 3. Bars. Beers. Beach. Sun. Girls. Pizza. Beers. Beach. Matkot. Beach. Pizza. Beers. Motorbike.



Being alone sucks. Google won’t beat me. Drink less bears. Eat less Pizza. Take more pictures. Scuba dive more.More time with Dana and Ran (my nephews). My mom is the BEST!

What a year it was :)

The Little “Sticky Widget” Case Study that Doubled Our Earnings

Fixed WidgetOne of the reasons we are blogging or building websites is to make money. You can’t really hide from that and you actually shouldn’t.

There is nothing wrong with that.

It all depends on how you approach it but that is an entirely different topic than the one I want to cover today.

This is the story of how using fixed widgets can make you more money. My big brother has a very popular blog in the archviz niche and in January I took over the marketing and monetization side of things on his blog with the goal of getting more traffic and making more money from it.

My brother knows nothing about internet marketing or SEO and he only focused publishing great content and providing value which turned out great but there is no doubt that a lot more money can be made.

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What Anchor Text Ratio to Use Post Penguin 2.0?

Anchor Text Variations

Anchor Text RatiosOne of the main factors Google used with their Penguin update was anchor text variation meaning that sites that focused highly on one or few keywords got hit and hit hard.

When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. No natural link profile of a website will have more than 50% of its links using the same anchor text. Even 20% would be considered high today but it seems that no one really has an answer to what ratio you should use with your anchor texts in order to avoid being hit by a black and white animal.

The thing is that the answer for that is right in-front of you. You can figure out the exact anchor text ratios any website is using so you can learn exactly what works. I decided to do some testing and see what are the common anchor text ratios for the top 5 websites rankings for certain specific keywords.

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6 Factors to Consider Before Picking your First Web Host


One of the fist decisions you will have to make when getting into the online world would be what web hosting provider to choose to host your various sites with.

This will also be one of the first expenses you will have and many newbies don’t really know how to go about picking the right web host since you simply don’t know all that you need to know.

So i’m here to help and provide you with all the information you need in order to make the right decision and pick the right web hosting provider that will fit your needs.

First thing First

Before we dive into what to look for with a web host lets look at what hosting actually is and what types of hosting accounts are out there for you to choose from.

There are numerous type of web hosts that are available: Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting.

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Hello world!

Hello World

This is going to be my personal blog and I guess i’ll be writing my inner thoughts here. All the stuff that goes around in my head and that I don’t really share with anyone is going to be shared here. I’m only doing this for me as part of the process I am going through to find myself, find meaning, find purpose and start living the life I want instead of just dreaming about it.

I’m 31 years old (almost 32) and I feel that I’ve been watching my life go by before me. If you will imagine your life course as a long highway than It feels as if i’m sitting in the back seat of a car which is already better than being in the trunk, where I feel I spent most of my living years. But it still not good enough. I want (and need) to be in the front seat. I want to control my life. Where it goes. How fast it goes. I want to be in control of my life.

And late is better than never.

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